Level2 Service Provider

Dale Caterson Electrical – Supplying Power to The People

Dale Caterson Electrical is a fully accredited Level 2 electrical service provider. We have been servicing Sydney for over 20 years and provide safe and professional Level 2 Services work to Commercial, Industrial and Domestic clients.

What is Level 2 Electrical Services Work?

Whether you are building a house or developing a housing project or apartment block you will more than likely require vital overhead or underground services connected direct to the electricity grid and network. Dale Caterson Electrical is authorized for installations over 400amps. You would also use a Level 2 electrician for commercial office or unit moves where there is a large and complicated switchboard or for retail kiosk connections where you need to connect into underground services to provide power to the kiosk.

Level 2 services electricians do work from power poles to temporary builders supply when you need overhead or underground services quickly and safely with no disruption in power.
So now you know a little about Level 2 electrical services, below are the range of specific services that Dale Caterson Electrical offer: -

Caterson Level 2 Services

  • Overhead Services

    • Services up to 400amp; specialists in 200amp
    • Aerial consumers mains
    • Fault current protection
    • Point of attachment – repairs and relocation
  • Underground Services

    • Services over 400amp
    • Substation connections
    • Kiosk connections
    • Cable repairs
    • UGOH – Underground to overhead services
  • Metering

    • Single Phase
    • Three Phase
    • Solar, Gross/Net/Sun/Power
    • Off peak – time of use
    • Separation of supply
    • Split of customers services and metering
  • Solar Metering

    • Gross/Sun Power metering
    • Net Metering
  • Other Services

    • Power & service pole replacement
    • Power pole and temporary switchboard hire and rental
    • Temporary power supplies and generator hire
    • Temporary builders supply
    • Power upgrades single phase to three phase
    • Switchboard relocations and installations
    • Consumers mains replacement-100amp to 200amp
    • Service mains replacement
    • Storm damage repairs
    • Defect repairs
    • Elevated work platform & cherry picker hire
    • Tiger Tails – Integral energy endeavor energy area only
    • Kiosk connections
    • Private street lighting maintenance
    • Cable jointing and repairs
Dale Caterson Electrical is a Level 2 Electrician you can trust. We are fully accredited with Ausgrid (Formerly Energy Australia) and Endeavour Energy (Formerly Integral Energy)

We are also authorised to carry out the following: -
  • Category 1 – Disconnect and Reconnect
  • Category 2 – Underground Services
  • Category 3 – Overhead Services
  • Category 4 – Metering and Energising.
Dale Caterson Electrical is passionate about safety, professionalism and also holds accreditation for suspended services, aerial services to 400amp, all underground services including supplies over 400amp, substation connections, kiosk connections and generator connections. We can also offer hydraulic cable crimping in switchboards to 500mmsq, cable jointing and installations.

Choose a Level 2 electrician who has provided professional and safe electrical services to Sydney for over 20 years. Our reputation is how we measure our success. We strive to offer the same attention to detail and approach to safety with every job no matter how large or small. Our quoting is realistic and we are always cost effective without compromise on service.

Choose Dale Caterson Electrical. Supplying power to the people of Sydney for over 20 years.