Other Services

Level 2 electrical services encompass all kinds of electrical work. It pays to choose a well respected and recommended electrical services contractor, particularly when working on overhead or underground services. When project timelines are tight and the pressure is on for large jobs choose a company who focuses on experience, safety and professionalism.

When you don't know who to call, Call Us!.

Dale Caterson Electrical can assist with office moves, renovations, new building set up and large switchboard moves, in fact any situation where power continuity is critical. Dale Caterson Electrical are also on hand when the worst happens and you need rapid response when flood, storms or damage hit. Repairs where water and electricity meet are a dangerous mix and need prompt assistance by professional electricians who can implement damage control and get your home or business back up and running as soon as possible.

Call on Dale Caterson Electrical for:-
  • Power Pole Replacement.
  • Service Pole Replacement.
  • Power Pole and temporary switchboard hire and rental.
  • Temporary power supplies and generator hire.
  • Temporary builders supply.
  • Power upgrades from single to three phase.
  • Switchboard relocations and installations.
  • Consumer mains replacement – 100amp to 200amp.
  • Service mains replacement.
  • Storm damage repairs.
  • Defect repairs.
  • Elevated work platform (EWP/Cherry picker) hire.
  • Tiger tails – Integral Energy Endeavor Energy Area Only.
  • Kiosk Connections.
  • Private Street Light Maintenance.
  • Cable Repairs.
Whatever your Level 2 electrical services requirement, you can be sure Dale Caterson Electrical will deliver.